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It was my first customer, I was 21 years old. There were others before that, but I couldnt manage one, although I tried my best. I sent him once again the finished order, but did not receive a response from him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, subtitles appeared, in English. Immediately my wife said to me: "Look, now you need it." I didn't believe my eyes. For two years I saw nothing but letters, it was terrible. I had a heavy feeling. I was wondering what I would see.
Perhaps in my subconscious I thought that these were my suggestions and that I needed to work with the outside. But it turned out the opposite. Not only did I see the subtitles, but I also heard David speak. However, work continued.
I cheered up a little, but the most interesting thing was gone. A few days later I received a letter from David. After 3 days he came to me and we talked. And so, after this meeting, I started writing with subtitles, and at the moment my channel already has 2 million subscribers and this is just the beginning.
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Comments (17) on "Subtitles on the Vimeo channel."
Well, since your channel is so popular, could you share some of your techniques for working with subtitles? Otherwise, for the time being, on those subtitles that you send me, I cant do anything, although I try very hard.
Thank you, Sasha. Will be working. The main thing here is that people should be interested in this.I somehow tried to copy other people's subtitles to the English channel, but in the end I could not do anything. I think we should just give people the opportunity to make their own channel.
Good afternoon Alexander. On your channel, the subtitle is among the leaders
Good evening, Alexey! From everything I know about you, I really like your approach: you don't try to please everyone, don't try to sell something to people, don't do what they don't want to do. You do what you see fit. I really respect this approach and I want to learn to see for myself what exactly I need, then a lot of things in life will begin to change.
YOUR BLUE: "You need to either sell, or what people don't want." The easiest way, of course, is to sell what they dont want to invest in, including the money of their subscribers. f02ee7bd2b